Bitcoin - the story of digital cryptocurrency

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Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System

Bitcoin is electronic money that no company, no state, no bank, no third party can control and manipulate.

Historic World Event
mined genesis block

In 2009, Bitcoin saw the light of day. On January 3, 2009, the first block was mined by Satoshi Nakamoto on the bitcoin network. This first mined block of bitcoins came to be called the "Genesis Block" according to the book of birth. The launch of the bitcoin network on January 3, 2009 is a world historical event.

Victory of Idea, Technology & Trust

The first bitcoin transaction took place in May 2010. For 10,000 bitcoins, programmer Laszlo Hanyecz bought 2 pizzas. This first transaction, this first use of Bitcoin in the real world, is a great victory for the desire and ideas of Satoshi Nakamoto and his predecessors to create an independent digital currency using available technologies, and also for people's trust in this digital currency to serve a good purpose.

King of Digital Coins

Bitcoin is the oldest and largest cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization. Several tens of thousands of digital currencies have been created in the world over time. So far, none has surpassed Bitcoin. Bitcoin is the king of digital coins.

Trust and Just Hodl It

HODL is a popular slang term. It expresses the intention of a cryptocurrency owner pursuing a buy-and-hold strategy, i.e. not to sell the currency, but instead to keep and hold it regardless of its price. Hodlers need to have a steady nerve at times. Meanwhile, the fluctuations in bitcoin's value often resemble a roller coaster. But in the end, bitcoin has always surpassed previous highs.

Digital Gold for Rentier Plans

Bitcoin is an asset in digital form. Its quantity is known in advance, namely 21 million bitcoins. The limited quantity of bitcoins ensures its rarity. Bitcoin is highly resistant to seizure. It is usable for practical purposes. It is decentralised. Compared to gold, it is easily divisible. It gives a deeper meaning. Bitcoin has similar properties to gold, only it is not in physical form, but in digital form. These are the facts that can ensure Bitcoin's gradual increase in value.

More Freedom and Independence

The greatest value of Bitcoin, an invention that could change the world for generations to come, is not in its value, but in its ability to help people secure and maintain greater freedom and independence. The world is getting rid of cash in favour of digital payments. It is convenient for people to use such a system. But at the same time, we are creating a world in which we give enormous power to those who can try to control us quite easily. Freedom and independence are some of the most cherished values for human beings.

Bitcoin gives us a choice.
Bitcoin - the story of digital cryptocurrency